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Where goals are made and achieved by combining fitness and nutrition with progress tracking.

We have state of the art machines (not scales), that will tell you everything you need to know about your body composition. Also known as body impedance.  If you want to improve your body and change your lifestyle you need to know where to start!  InBody and Fit3D machines alone or together will guarantee a full 360 understanding of your body. 

We have dedicated trainers and coaches ready to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle in person and when you are ready to do it on your own, or both together!  We will take your body composition and target the areas you want. Starting with the core basics, or wherever you are in your journey, we will move with you together. 

Set the path to the right fuel for your body. Once you understand the composition of what you are made of, you will be ready to plan how to fuel it for energy, stamina, and change.  Our meals plans will get you the energy and fuel. Our exercise plan will give you a customize exercise plans using the popular app FitBod to help track and guide progress. Whether you are here at CE, or at your own gym we will be in sync.  

Pick your burn. 45 minutes is all you need. Strength & Conditioning. Buns & Guns. Punches in Bunches. Wake Up, Warm Up. Cardio Burn.  Our plans are designed for you to drop in and go. Book last minute, or ahead we have everything at the tap of the app.

We want to make sure before you leave you have all you need, and that also includes supplying your body with the nutrients you need, affordable. We understand how difficult these current times make that possible.  Our meals, vitamins, and supplement prices reflect our purpose.  Our mission is to help our customers obtain what they need seamlessly and our pricing method is part of that.






Chained Evolution was created with a simple mission to - Help people evolve their bodies how THEY were meant to.  No one body or mind is alike, that is why we strive to help others find a way to capture their goals and make permanent changes. A healthier lifestyle with realistic goals based on your comfort level, all structured around your unique YOU. In a world that changes everyday, we want to provide the resources, equipment, and tools to help bring awareness through knowledge and a healthier living for every body, at every age.


Our facility provides everything you need to get started. State of the art bioelectrical impedance equipment that can track & measure your unique body composition, trainers that are experts in nutrition & fitness, and vitamins & supplements so that you leave everyday with everything you need for your journey. 


By joining the Chained Evolution Family you are automatically part of our mission in helping others, through your change, you empower your message to others.  


Get ready to get linked and let us help you start your own healthy evolution today!