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Is this really the first no-fail weight loss program? “They don’t want you to know.” 

The Truth

I’m sure all of us have tried a weight loss program. If you are like me and many others, some of these programs worked, and some of these programs left us in far worse positions than when we first started. For those who were successful and can’t relate, perhaps this article is not for you, but for the strugglers in the world who hear me - let it be known that you are not alone.


From research and personal experience, when it comes to fitness programs, there are pre-packaged meal options, point/calorie systems, trainers/exercise programs, or diet plans (Keto, fasting, etc.) - assuming you succeed in one of these, the consequence over time are that these programs become unaffordable, or we decide to venture out on our own. In doing so, however, many are left without the proper exit strategy - not knowing what to cook, eat, do for exercises, thus motivation can easily diminish.




There are 3 things that are needed for a no-fail success when it comes to fitness goals, that is: 

  1. Body Composition (track progress and proper weigh-ins to assess one’s body)

  2. Exercise (strength + cardio workouts)

  3. Nutrition (understanding of macros + BMR calories to set nutrition goals) 

Weight watchers, for example, provides you with a guided point system; Jenny Craig provides pre-packaged meals; gyms provide training and equipment, Orange Theory provides classes…all of these are great and convenient, but each system lacks what the other may have. So, what happens, for example, when we no longer order pre-made meals? We are left not knowing how much to eat, what to cook, what to buy, thus leading to potential problems. When it comes to training, we do what our trainer instructs, but without a schedule or game plan on how to continue our workouts it is easy to fall off. 


Most gyms do not offer meal plans, food, or supplements, what is also absent, are the proper tracking systems needed to see progress. Simple scales show us little about our body, which can result in discouragement. Similarly, we have weight loss programs that do just the same - meals are provided, but the proper machines to track progress is unavailable, nor are the resources for exercise or nutrition. The understanding of your specific macros requires data specific information from your body composition, it allows us to see exactly how much fat, muscle, water, etc., is in the body, allowing us to understand how much to eat, how much to burn, and what macros to follow - scales simply cannot provide this. 


We need a system that houses all 3 of these - workout, nutrition, and a body composition machine. A place that provides all of the items, becomes a place where a no-fail system exists - accountability lives on!


To be part of a place where support, food/meal plans, exercise/classes, and body composition machines are housed, is a place where goals are achieved - safe to say the only thing that can stop you is YOU. 



Are You Ready?

Could we create our own no-fail system? We certainly can, but we would have to reach deep inside and embrace our self-discipline. Some can do this, but for those who can’t, this is where the no-fail system can save you. If you want a place that provides this kind of support, and not a place that sells their system and fails to educate you on how to succeed on your own - we suggest you search on.



The Skinny

We believe everybody deserves a chance to push their body to whatever limits they want. For every new start, guidance is needed along the way, those who say they don’t, are just lying - you have to start somewhere. Save your time and money trying all different programs and go with one that won’t fail you, one that only you control, one that only you can fail in. If you are in the area, I highly suggest you check out Chained Evolution, and because you took the initiative to read this, you will get an exclusive FREE 2-week pass to try there no-fail system at this facility (special invitation only link below, expires 9/31/23. Please note, once full, we can no longer accept applicants). For those who are not in the area, you can reach out and get the guidance and help that you deserve virtually.



When things get tough, always remember this, you are not alone, ever - I feel you, we feel you, the world feels you. Remember the big 3 components to your no-fail system and best of luck in your fitness journey. 


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