Vegan Protein – Superfood Chocolate Chip

Yes, cookie dough can be a superfood-at least the way we do it! Organic pea protein, organic house-made cashew butter, prebiotic fiber, coconut flour, and monk fruit – where’s the catch? Well, we’re proud to say there isn’t one. Just delicious. Just healthy. Made with love and made for you – We hope you enjoy this bar as nourishment and as a treat.


Vegan Protein – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

It’s hard to imagine that this bar is actually healthy. It just tastes too darn good! Chunks of roasted organic peanuts and peanut butter expertly blended with dark chocolate chips and super bioavailable organic pea protein create a bar that’s the best of all worlds: high protein, vegan, low carb, low sugar, and high fiber.


Vegan Protein – Peanut Butter White Chocolate

Not only do we grind small batches of organic peanut butter, we also make our own special-recipe white chocolate chunks sweetened with low-glycemic monk fruit and enriched with gut-healthy prebiotic fiber. We do this for your taste buds, and we do this for your health. We do this because it’s what we love to do, so please, dig in – and enjoy our newest organic pea protein bar.

BHU Vegan Protein Bars