Grade 1 Specialty coffee, 100% Pure Arabica Coffee, single orgin - not blended! Farmers' hand-sort for unripe and overripe cherries and washed processing. Sourced straight from Ethiopia, in the region: Yiragacheffe, with altitudes at 5,900ft-7,200ft and roasted in Massachusetts! 


Gara Coffee is passionate about quality, that is why their coffee is packed fresh with unique cup characteristics that will have: Grapefruit, Jasmine, Berries, Chocolate, and a Creamy Body.


Not blended like other coffees which is a combination of different single origin coffees mixed, thus, improving profitability and supply issues for the seller. Gara coffee, however, is from a single known geographical origin (Yiragacheffe), more specifically, a single farm. What you get? High quality 100% Arabica coffee to be enjoyed in its purest form.


Arabica coffee originated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and is the most popular kind of coffee worldwide. With Gara coffee, this is what you get, 100% Pure Arabica Coffee straight from the farm from a single orgin.


Come taste, and smell the difference of Gara coffee!

Gara Coffee (Net Weight: 1lb)

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