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Be healthier with Phinix Grill's fresh cooked meal preps - eating clean never tasted so good!


Oven baked halal chicken breast with parboiled rice paired nestled on a plate with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions, with added honey and lemon juice dressing and grilled pita. 

(Cal 640 / F <5g / C 80g / P 40g)


A high carb - low fat - high protein meal with balanced carbs for refueling and protein for rebuilding your muscles. Low in fat so you can recharge quicker!  Baked not fried, with quality Halal meats that are seasoned to perfection.


What is Parboiled Rice?  Glad you asked!

Parboiling drives nutrients, especially thiamin, from the bran to the endosperm, hence parboiled white rice is 80% nutritionally similar to brown rice. One b