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Be healthier with Phinix Grill's fresh cooked meal preps - eating clean never tasted so good!

Oven baked halal chicken breast with chopped fresh greens and hummus, seasoned perfectly to taste. (Cal 345 / F 20g / C <5g / P 30g)

A perfect slow/low carb - high fat - high protein meal. A low glycemic and filling option for those watching their carbs or trying to lose weight / lean out. Slow digesting for long lasting fullness and less hunger cravings later on. Baked not fried, with quality Halal meats that are seasoned to perfection.

Why Phinix? Local, fresh cooked, delicious, nutritious clean meals that are minimally processed or handled. Taste the difference with Phinix!


Meal pickup dates: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Phinix Grill (fresh cooked) - Protein Boost (Cal 345 / F 20g / C <5g / P 30g)