COMBO: InBody 570 & Fit3D Body Scan

Total package body composition.

  • 40 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Main Street|InBody 570/Fit3D Room

Service Description

Are you looking for more than just a composition or 3D idea of what your body is made of? Go beyond the traditional scale and get your body composition analysis using our InBody 570 machine and our Fit3D scan! InBody will measure your fat, muscle, and water levels, identify how many pounds of lean mass and fat are in each body segment, and identify and track inflammation, swelling, and even injuries. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device, hold the hand electrodes to test, and get your detailed result sheet printed in less than a minute! Fit3D will capture a 360 degrees image with hundreds of measurements automatically analyzing circumferences, lengths, contours, widths, surface areas, and volumes. Get your fat percentage algorithm, as well as fat mass and lean mass breakdowns, and posture analysis! Before a test, you should: -Make sure to use the bathroom -Avoid eating or wait 3 hours after a meal -Avoid exercise before test or wait 3 hours after strenuous exercise -Avoid testing right after a sauna, steam room, or shower -Avoid consumption of alcohol or excess caffeine for at least 24 hours -Do not test if you have a fever, cold, or chill -Do not test if you have a medical implant device such as a pacemaker or are menstruating -Do not use lotion or ointment on your hands and feet Preparing for the test, you should: -Prior to test, remove jewelry, keys, watch, belt, keys, phone, any heavy/metal objects -Prior to test, remove shoes and socks -For the Fit3D scanning requires hair/beard tied up above the neck line. -Maintain your normal fluid intake the day before -Assure you have been standing upright for at least 5 minute -Cold weather: warm yourself up for at least 20 minutes. Tip: Maintain the same testing conditions as your first test. We recommend testing every 2-4 weeks under the same conditions to accurately track your progress.

Contact Details

  • 502 Main St, Waltham, MA 02452, USA

    + 781-209-0777

  • 502 Main St, Waltham, MA, USA

    + 781-209-0777