THE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE -  make healthy living part of every day life without the stress and struggle to find the information and tools to achieve one's goal. If you are looking to lose or gain weight, gain muscle, gain fat or just learn about how to start a healthy living - this is the place to be.  We provide new and existing fitness enthusiast and everyday individuals the tools and educational information they need to start and/or maintain their goals.  With an array of different program options, a fully stocked supplement store, and state of the art body composition equipment; we work with you to find a lifestyle that fits your comfort level, and to help lessen your stress - we have it all in one place!


THE DECISION IS YOURS, your accomplishments are based on what works for you, and only you should be the one to decide what kind of healthy living you want to achieve without someone pressuring you into a program. Once we understand your comfort level we focus on getting you started by simply providing you with guidance and resources needed to track, monitor, and show true results.


SO WHAT DO WE DO?  Everyone knows that to see results takes time, and let's all be real; dieting, losing weight, gaining weight, gaining muscle, etc., is not easy - results take time!  Far too often we get discouraged when we don't see the number on the scale move or we look in the mirror and don't feel we are getting anywhere when in fact, we are, we just don't know it!  That is why it is essential to understand your whole body inside and out, not just that number on the scale. Our members are provided with detailed 2-week or monthly body analysis information which provides everything you need to know from your current measurements, to your water, muscle mass and so much more.  Everything should be factored in when starting any program, and with our 3D machines you can even size yourself for clothing and fix your posture! 

WHY DOES MEASUREMENTS MATTER?  Everyone should know how they are progressing at every level regardless of what regimen they are following.  Knowing detailed information about your progress on a monthly basis by getting your full body analysis tested along with a detailed print out and/or email to your mobile device is just as important as knowing what you are eating and doing for exercise. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, that is why our members are rewarded, as an elite member you are automatically linked to our program of rewards and discounts based on your results.  Building a permanent lifetime of healthy living is what we strive to do, we want to help everyone improve their life based on their goals, we are not a diet fad or a company that looks to provide temporary results, we are above that, and we want you to be as well!  Join the Chained Evolution and let's work together to bring a new era of living through high-impact true results that will change lives like never before!