We sell discounted vitamins and supplements at every day low prices compared to other retail stores.  Our mission is to help our customers by keeping our prices low, and making it affordable for everyone.  


We have state of the art machines (not scales), that will tell you everything you need to know about your body.  If you want to improve your body and change your lifestyle you need to know where to start, our machines will do just that! Click below and start your evolution.


We have dedicated trainers and consultants ready to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.  We provide the tools and support needed to help you achieve whatever goals you have in mind.  Welcome to a no pressure zone where we welcome change based on your needs, and help get you there!



The Chained Evolution was created with a simple mission - to help people.  In a world that changes everyday, we want to provide the resources, equipment, and tools to help bring awareness and healthier living to every person, at every age.  No one body or mind is alike, that is why we strive to help others find a way to capture their goals and make permanent changes to a healthier lifestyle with realistic goals based on their comfort level.  Our facility provides everything you need to get started from vitamins & supplements to state of the art equipment that can track, measure, and help conquer your goals and dreams.  By joining the Chained Evolution you are automatically part of our mission of helping others, as we participate in a variety of charities and events finding new ways to help give back, so get ready to get linked and let us help you start your own evolution today!



“Everyone in the world has a list of things they think they should do...I should lose weight, I should workout, I should work harder, I should I should I should...and then you know what? What changes people is when your should becomes a must, and suddenly the thing you said should happen, has to happen! That's when you introduce change..” 


—  Tony Robbins, Change Your Mind and Become Successful


“It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down its about getting up, so if there's any kid out there told by a parent or a coach or a teacher or somebody that they look up to, somebody that's suppose to push them believe in them and their told "no", don't listen to them!  Believe in yourself! Sometimes, the outcome isn't always what you desire it to be, but the true failure in life is not trying at all!.”​


—  Phillip Jack Brooks, Change Your Mind and Become Successful


“I have to tell each and every one of you that it doesn't matter how... how old you are, how young you are, your age, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to and I always say if I can do it, anyone can do it..”​


—  Serena Williams,Change Your Mind and Become Successful

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